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'Japanese Massage for Profound Transformation of Body, Mind and Heart!'

Bu-Shin-Do - The Way of the Awakened Heart, is a unique version of the traditional form of Shiatsu, developed by Christina Wellbeloved, after many years of practice and experience, designed to work with your whole body, mind and spirit.

"Shiatsu is a relaxing, healing and invigorating form of Japanese bodywork. Using the same meridian and pressure points system as acupuncture, deep, sensitive pressure is applied using the fingers,thumbs and feet. Stretching and rotating movements are used to help release energy blockages which are reflecting physical, mental, emotional or spiritual disorder, the latter two, I believe, being the largely unacknowledged but fundamental root of all disease. The body's energetic flow is thus stimulated and can begin to deal more effectively with further imbalance. Shiatsu experienced regularly is a wonderful and truly enjoyable form of preventive health care. The ensuing sense of relaxed wellbeing pervades the entire body and soul - make it a part of your regular health care and the difference will show!"

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About Christina: After completing a life-changing 3 year training with the Devon School of Shiatsu in 1994, Christina went on to gain the further advanced qualification of M.R.S.S. in 1995 and subsequently obtained her Teacher Training Certificate. She also gained Reiki II in 2007. During her 24 years as a Shiatsu Practitioner she developed her own style, or discipline, which she calls the Bushindo approach, being Japanese for "The Way Of The Awakened Heart".

Christina practices from a deep physical, emotional and spiritual level, interweaving her work with the profound understanding of the human psyche. She has assisted at the births of five babies, and has much experience working with women during pregnancy, including pre-conceptual, promoting and nurturing that vital and precious connection between mother and child. She has taught Shiatsu regularly in secondary schools, and has worked for Portsmouth City Council and the Inland Revenue at their Health Days, and also for MIND on World Mental Health Day.

Testamonials: " call it Shiatsu, I say it is the gift and power given to you by God Himself and he works through your hands! A.P. Farlington

"Truly amazing experience" K.M. Emsworth
"...During my 3 pregnancies the sense of peace and comfort your treatment brought me truly enabled me to bond with my unborn children...absolutely superb and incomparable as natural pain relief during labour and childbirth." J.G. Southsea

"...Love and healing shines through. A magical experience." K.S. Fareham

"...feel safe in your presence...fresh perspective...Thank you for everything." M.G., Brighton

"...your shiatsu comes from the heart and reaches into my own heart and soul...lightens and invigorates my life.." J.M. Haslemere

"...You helped me to grieve and accept the pain I was going through...always feel love and dedication coming from you. It's just wonderful. Thank you." H.D., Southsea

"...I have tried various forms of massage over the years, and I can honestly say that Shiatsu has provided the best relaxation and the most therapeutic effects of them all. I would recommend you to anyone." S.V., Emsworth

"...been attending regular monthly sessions with you for over 12 years now...incredibly powerful, relaxing and rebalancing... truly wonderful therapist and person." S.W., ITEC. MGpp ACregd. Bedhampton

"...amazingly experienced shiatsu practitioner and personal guide...I was always told I should believe in myself, but you showed me how to actually do that." M.N., Southsea

If you would like to book a Shiatsu with Christina or find out more, please contact her by phone: 07398-614999

or email: